Home Renovation FAILS

Have you ever been inside a home or apartment building and seen something terribly out of place? Like a window or door that leads to nowhere? Or maybe a toilet that’s in far too close proximity to something, like, Read more

3rd Grade Drop Out

A very powerful video. Sit back and listen.

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One of the best renditions of this song I have ever heard. Her voice and passion is totally amazing. Sit back and enjoy

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This Is The Real Story Behind The Great Escape From Alcatraz

Alcatraz is known worldwide for being the most secure prison on the face of the earth. It was deemed impossible to escape from since its opening in 1868. Over the years, around 36 inmates had attempted to escape in Read more

Liberal or Conservative or Neither

Dr. Charles Krauthammer (psychiatrist): He has recently taken time off for some surgery and this is the first piece of his writing that I’ve seen, and it is recent.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer, who did not vote for Trump. Read Read more