Home Renovation FAILS

Have you ever been inside a home or apartment building and seen something terribly out of place? Like a window or door that leads to nowhere? Or maybe a toilet that’s in far too close proximity to something, like, the dining room table? Yep, that’s just one example of the worst home renovation fails that we tracked down.

These home renovation fails are so bad that you’ll be wondering how some of these so-called “handymen” actually have jobs. Get ready for a laugh-out-loud collection of the worst home renovation fails.


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Joke’s on you! The neighbors actually have a flying car, and thus no need for a driveway that smoothly goes into the garage. Psssh, tires are sooooo 2015.


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When you NEVER consult an architecture specialist, this is the type of home renovation you’re bound to get. Did it never occur to them to match their exteriors??


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The challenge is that each year the tree becomes more difficult to get around. By the time the kids are all grown up, they’ll barely be able to get in and out of the garage. It’s just a natural deterrent to stop them from going out and partying. Clever parenting technique.


SOURCE: RJ Home Inspection

Sitting on the throne just got a whole lot more interesting. Maybe steer your guests away from using this bathroom though…?


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It’s perfect for my 3-year-old self and a literal headache for my adult self. Do better, construction guys.


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This is the perfect way to use one light to illuminate two rooms. Unfortunately, once the light burns out, you have darkness forever in both rooms.


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These guys needed to get clever after blocking the door with bricks, which probably have the same IQ as the guys who installed this.


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Are you a fan of home renovation fails? Clearly these guys were! They just wanted a spot on this illustrious list!


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Well, look at it this way: At least this driveway will be super fun when it snows! You’ll never be able to get your car in and out without denting the front or back, but your sledding game is going to be super strong.


SOURCE: Pinterest/@marks.presley

Don’t these stairs look like they belong in a Harry Potter movie? Maybe in the school or platform 9 and 3/4? Could’ve even been this architect’s renovation inspiration.