Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day!

We at Lions Head Designs wish you, your family and friends a wonderful 4th of July! There’s nothing better than a long weekend to celebrate our nation’s birthday.

Beautiful Dancers

These 2 dancers have a style all of their own. Enjoy

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Liberal or Conservative or Neither

Dr. Charles Krauthammer (psychiatrist): He has recently taken time off for some surgery and this is the first piece of his writing that I’ve seen, and it is recent.

Dr. Charles Krauthammer, who did not vote for Trump. Read Read more

Contact Your Representative

Feel free to use the form below to learn who your Representatives are and get their contact information.

WE THE PEOPLE are in charge of this great country.

Your Representatives need to be reminded of this from time to time.

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Top 10 Florida Vacation Destinations

Everyone is familiar with Florida’s top vacation destination — Disney World. However, there are several other destinations that draw millions of visitors to the Sunshine State each year. If you’re looking for a can’t-miss place to go on vacation, Read more