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Chesapeake Construction Inc. is pleased to provide the  home and business owner, reliable advice and counsel in selecting the  best resources for renovation and new construction. We also wish to  aquaint our clients with our policies and procedures for construction  projects.
Who We Are

Chesapeake Construction, Inc. is a Design-Build company operating since 1977 with a staff of experienced professionals skilled in residential and commercial construction. Design-Build contracting provides the Owner with everything from plans, specifications, and performance based construction to maximize the value and use of the project. Chesapeake works closely with their clients to benefit from current technology for energy conservation, special services for “aging in place“ circumstances, or those with special needs. Chesapeake also works closely with prospective clients to evaluate their plans and submit competetive bids. In the long run, a cooperative and service oriented business model has been the best one for our long years in business.

Chesapeake Construction Inc. uses the Critical Path  Method (CPM) in scheduling your construction project. A detailed  evaluation of the work to be accomplished, material availability and our in-house labor resources are blended with seasonal weather projections  and your specific needs to give you an accurate production schedule.

Upon receiving your inquiry, a design team member will set an appointment to meet you to discuss and review your project. We  offer ‘NO COST’ conceptual design advice for those who do not have  architectural or engineering plans and an understanding of the costs  involved for your project. Should you desire, Chesapeake Construction  Inc. can be engaged to provide designs and plans. If you already have  architectural plans, we will work closely with your architect throughout the entire construction period.
Value Engineering

When we set about designing and planning we use the Value Engineering approach, taking into consideration our years of  experience providing cost effective designs, materials and scheduling.  Cost control is as important to us as it is to you. We offer project  financing if you require it.

Value Engineering is the process of developing costs and strategies during the design phase in order that the client becomes educated in how labor and material costs will impact the emerging  design. Changes can then be made to both to match labor and material  budgets to a current design, or to change design elements to benefit  from labor and material costs available in local markets.
Design & Specification Package

Once the conceptual designs and plans are completed,  Chesapeake Construction Inc. will provide you with a Design and  Specifications Package which you may use to obtain financing. Fixed  drawing costs and fixed construction costs can be detailed at this time. (Please see the section on Contract and Agreement Options.
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